Top Christmas and Holiday Toys for 2003

Top Christmas Holiday Toys for 2003As we all know, the holidays are when toys become everyone's focus. Every other TV commercial is advertising new products, and your kids tell you that they NEED them all. Yeah, right… Like most parents, you will succumb to a "need" or two and buy junior a cool gift. But what is "cool" this year? Well, I can tell you. According to "Family Fun", the top ten toys for Christmas 2003 are as follows:

1. Five Alarm Fun Center: A fire engine playset, by Step2.
2. Hot Wheels T-Wrecks: A racetrack where a 2 1/2-foot-tall dinosaur eats the cars, by Mattel.
3. Bratz Formal Funk Super-Stylin' Runway Disco: A fashion show playset for Bratz dolls, with makeup counter, dressing room and smoothie bar, by MGA Entertainment.
4. Old Century Dread Pirate: A high-end board game with glass beads, metal ships and coins, by Front Porch Classics.
5. Bratz Electric Funk Krazy-Cool Karaoke: Home karaoke machine, by MGA Entertainment.
6. Orient Expedition - Dragon Fortress: Fortress building set, by Lego.
7. Game Boy Advance SP: An updated version of the handheld video game unit. The screen is foldable and backlit, by Nintendo.
8. Rippin' Rocket Roller Coaster: Roller coaster construction set, by K'nex.
9. Barbie Mixin' Magic Real Food Kitchen: A make-believe kitchen in Barbie pink, by Mattel.
10. Smart Shopper Fun to Learn System Marketplace: Talking kid-size market with cash register, by Fisher-Price.

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These are not the "be all, end all" of toys the kiddies will want this year. I've found two more sites with their own lists as well. First is Hot Christmas Toys for 2003 which has more of a general list. And America's Toy Wishes magazine Top Toys list with their choices.

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~Julie is a freelance writer, a wife and a mother who will be shopping on the Women's-Place links for numerous toys this holiday season for her two "needy" boys. She also works at home, as a Jr. Editor, for a mystery shopping company, and has recently relocated to Southern California with her husband and two sons.


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