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Cures for Colic

Colic has long been a source of frustration for parents of babies. Colic usually starts around week 3 and can go on until around 3 months. Each baby is different so some can go longer or hopefully shorter. Colicky babies fuss and cry, usually at predictable times of the day everyday. It can go on for hours. Some theories to cause range anywhere from gassiness to immature nervous systems but no cause has ever been identified. There are no long lasting affects on babies with colic and they develop the same as their peers. Parents on the other hand are traumatized by the inability to ease their babies pain. In our community we often hear moms talk about the things they try. Here is page to give new parents ideas to try. Parents should of course talk with their pediatricians and rule out any physical causes. If your pediatrician has told you your baby is fine and yet your baby continues to cry despite your efforts, then try these ideas from other parents.

The Cuddle Cure

Try these things in combination and in order. Not one thing or two but all five. Combined together they are called the cuddle cure.

1. Swaddling - Tight wrapping in a blanket. A warm fleece blanket is nice and soft. Throw one in the dryer and get it lightly warm.

2. Side/Stomach - Lie baby on side or stomach.

3. Shushing - Loud white noise like a ceiling fan, static, etc. You can buy white noise tapes.

4. Swinging - You can sit in a swing or put the baby in a swing for babies. They love this.

5. Sucking - sucking on a nipple, pacifier or finger.

The Colic Hold

Place your baby facedown along your forearm with your hand firmly between their legs and their cheek should be by your elbow on the outside. They should be able to see the ground. Hold your arm close to your body, using it to brace & steady your baby. Babies LOVE the new view and it's very easy to carry them this way. You can actually have the other hand free to do a couple things and walk around.

The Vacuum Cleaner

This falls under white noise. The vacuum is so loud it often startles them out of their cry long enough to listen. If your baby is particulary fond of the vacuum, you might consider making a recording and playing that instead of running your vacuum into the ground. Don't worry your little one only likes the noise and probably won't grow up to be in vacuum sales.

Change the Scenery

There are some simple ways to change the scenery for a baby. Many parents take their babies for a drive. Unless you want to rack up the mileage on your car you might consider some other things first. You can take them into another room they aren't used to being in. Babies get bored with the same old thing too. Try outdoors (weather permitting). Babies often love to be outside. Bouncy seats are great for moving from room to room or outside. You can also take a walk in the neighborhood. It would probably do you some good to get out too.


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