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pregnancyPregnancy Place is the place to go to find information, tools and fun facts. Womens-Place supports moms-to-be have healthy happy pregnancies. We have due date clubs so you can connect with other mothers in the community. We offer numerous tools and fun facts to entertain you while you wait for your new arrival. We hope you enjoy this time to the fullest!

Due Date Clubs - Come join other pregnant moms expecting a baby around the same time as you. Choose from one of the following forums to meet others who are also experiencing the joys of becoming a mom.

Pregnancy Due Dates January-March 2003
Pregnancy Due Dates April-June 2003
Pregnancy Due Dates July-September 2003
Pregnancy Due Dates October-December 2003
Pregnancy Due Dates January-March 2004

Due Date & Fetal Age Calculator - Do you need to know your due date or want to calculate the exact age of your baby? Use our due date calculator. It also calculates your ovulation date if you want to know when your little miracle began.

HCG Levels - Are you wondering if your hcg beta falls within normal range? Check our chart to reassure yourself all is fine.

Home PG Tests Sensitivity to HCG - Are you trying to figure out the sensitivity level to hcg of your home pg test? Here is our quick chart.

Chinese Gender Prediction - Are you trying to plan for pink or blue? Look at our fun chart. Only time will tell if it is right!

PG Weekly Calendar - This gives you the start date of each week you are pregnant. It's a great list to print up and put on the bathroom mirror. You can cross off the weeks as they go by!

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